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What we do

Insurance agents are the people who make sure you’re covered in case anything happens.
Insurance sales agents contact potential customers and sell one or more types of insurance, like Disability Income Insurance or life policies for families.


  • Calling clients in order to expand their own book of business
  • Interview potential clients to get information about their financial resource and discuss existing coverage.
  • Customize insurance programs to suit individuals clients.
  • handle policy renewals
  • Setting appointments
  • Explain insurance policies

Our Mission

To help people from all walks of life build a better future.  

Work Environment

We all work remotely and that means we can help customers get their policy via our toll-free phone number. Every agent has the opportunity to choose how they want to work at home or go to our office. We also have weekly team huddle where we discuss our daily activities.

How to Become a Successful Insurance Sales Agent

To become an insurance agent, you should have the desire and ability. In most states agents need only be high-school graduates but those with bachelor degrees find success in this field too. To get started all that is required of them are some very basic qualifications: right now there isn’t anything fancy just having general knowledge about what comes next on your journey when starting out as well as being able to speak clearly into the phone or computer screen will suffice!


Sales agents need time (and practice) before they can take on such an important role. Having newbies shadow experienced ones will help them learn about how businesses operate from start-to finish; understanding all customer interactions along with what each agent does during their day would be invaluable training for any aspiring insurance broker/salesperson!

If you are interested in becoming a licensed insurance agent/producer there is something you should know. We’re all Fiduciaries that means: A fiduciary is legally bound to put their client’s best interests ahead of their own which means doing the right thing for our clients.

Who is our client?

Anyone who is qualified for insurance coverage.

Insurance quotes

To provide clients with an overview of how much premiums will cost, as well as the other advantages of the policy.

Our goal

To empower clients to make the best decisions for their future.

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