Licensed Insurance Producer

Customer Services Excel skills Appointment setting

Job Description

Insurance agents are the gatekeepers of insurance. They explain policies to customers and act as a link between the customer and insurer, earning commissions from the insurance company so we can give the best service possible.

Insurance is often confusing for people that have never had it before, which makes these professionals all the more valuable when something happens to our clients.  Insurance producers do an important job - helping new clients learn about how insurance can help them with  risk

Despite the complexities of customer service, it is an insurance agent's job to consult with and understand their clients' needs. It typically requires a qualified individual with expertise in this line of work. Customers can be faced with risks at any moment insurance coverage that may require explanation before they make fully informed decisions on what will suit them best for future protection against risk.


What we offer to clients
Life Insurance
Final Expense Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Disability Insurance
 and Estate planning

Job Requirement

You must be 18+ years of age
Clean Criminal History
Clean Credit Report
High school Diploma/GED