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Get licensed and

Sell Life Insurance Final Expense Insurance Medicare Coverage Disability Insurance Long Term Care. From home

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If you're ready to ditch the dated office cubicle paradigm, we have the solution

How to get Licensed

1) Study online
2) State Exam
3) Certifications

Join our Independent Marketing Organization

And, get appointed with multiple insurance carriers

Customer Service

From the comfort of your home you can help clients get coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay the fees?

Since you’re becoming an independent contractor (1099-misc) You are required to pay your all fees.

How do I get customers?

That’s a good question! we advertise our service and we get contacted by people who are interested in getting coverage. At first, the team will spend money on ads so we can all have a chance to talk to customers but since we’re in this together we contribute to the ads budget.

Do I need to contact friends and family for a sale?

NO! we do not recommend you contact friends and family members because you’re not licensed, you haven’t position yourself an expert on insurance. And in the future, you decided to post on social media about what you do, Conduct yourself professionally.

What are the pros and cons working in the insurance industry?

Pros: You control your time, No need to clock in and out, No more calling ILL, No more missing your kid’s events.
Cons: No Medical Insurance, No Dental No Vision.

Do I need to attend meetings?

YES! you must attend as many meetings to learn from other experienced agents.

Captivated Agents or Independent Insurance Agent ?

The difference is captive you only work with one insurance company and you will only represent them.  And for Independent agents, you can represent multiple insurance carriers giving your client more options.

When you join you will become an Independent agent

How do i get paid?

You will get a commission each time you close an application.

  • Personal Production
  • then every year its Renewals
  • Team bonus
  • Paid day its every Tuesday and Friday

What are Qualities we look for in a candidate

Analytical skills. Insurance sales agents must evaluate the needs of each client to determine the appropriate insurance policy.

Communication skills. Insurance sales agents must be able to communicate effectively with customers by listening to their requests and suggesting suitable policies.

Initiative. Insurance sales agents need to actively seek out new customers in order to maintain a flow of commissions.

Self-confidence. Insurance sales agents should be confident when making “cold” calls (calls to prospective customers whom they have not contacted before). They must speak clearly and persuasively and maintain their composure if rejected.