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Insurance producers are the agency’s voices. They find clients, sell policies and recommend best rates and give insurance companies a new client

Why become an agent?

Insurance careers offer job stability in this dicey world. The main reason for you to begin or start the insurance industry is because of its security, which cannot be found anywhere else!

  1. You are irreplaceable
  2. Earn more than just a paycheck
  3. Personal Growth

Develop extensive skills

A competent insurance agent is a treasured talent, not a job! The insurance industry has a touch of every field and offers endless career trails.

Insurance careers can sharpen your skills like:

  • Soft Skills
  • Organization
  • Team Management
  • Problem SolvingĀ 
  • Public Speaking

More than just a paycheck

Once you start helping people with their insurance needs and they enroll in a policy through one of your recommendations. You will receive commissions paid by the company that gained them as new clients!

  1. Personal Production
  2. Renewals
  3. Bonus
  4. Trials

What you will learn

The more knowledge you have about your products, the better. So it's important for agents to learn everything they can so that clients feel confident in their decisions and get solutions tailored just right out of every interaction!


Being a salesman of Medicare plans can be an exciting job that offers the opportunity for growth in various ways because it's such a broad field with so much demand.

Life Insurance

We work hard to get families the insurance coverage they need so that a sense of security can help them live their life.

Long Term Care

This could involve receiving assistance with activities such as dressing yourself and preparing food so you can continue living independently in your own home.

Disability Income

Disability insurance is a type of insurance protecting against loss of income due to disability.


A pension plan is a way to pay you monthly payments that can last for your entire life. You could also receive the lump sum payment upfront.

Final Expense Insurance

Families will never need to ask for money because the policy will provide it as soon as 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Are you ready to start your new career? We want to make sure that this is the right fit for both of us. A 30-minute discovery call will allow me get an idea about what makes YOU tick, and how we can work together effectively!

How much it cost to become an agent?

The cost for california agents:

  1. Pre-licensing – $100
  2. State Exam – $180
  3. FingerPrints – $70
  4. AML course -$30
  5. Apply for your license – $180

How do we find clients??

How do you plan on reaching out to potential clients? We have a platform for Life/health Insurance, which will make it easier than ever before. Agents can use this tool while they’re working in the field and not having too much trouble getting business!

What something I should know about this industry.?

  1. Always have the best interest for your clients.
  2. Never ever ever! commit fraud your licensed will be revoked and you will never work in this industry again.
  3. The Insurance Industry is highly regulated that means everything that we do its seen by the department of insurance.
  4. Always be compliance
  5. Keep your licensed active by renewing your Continue Education (CE) every 2 years.

Is it possible for an agent to write policies in other states?

You can now apply for a non-resident license if you want to write policies in other states. There is an additional fee when applying, but it’s worth the expense because of how helpful this will be with your business!

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